UltraGlass – protection for your smartphone

UltraGlass Screen Protector

There’s a bit of a dilemma to be had with modern smartphones. They look lovely, but using them without any sort of protective cover is a quick path to scratches.

I’ve got a slimline case on my iPhone 4S that protects that back and sides without being too intrusive, but that does leave the front open to the elements. Am I bothered? Well, I know the iPhone 4S’s glass is pretty tough, so I haven’t been worrying about it, but I did notice a scratch recently that made me realise having an open-front case is far from ideal.

I really don’t like most of the cases that offer full enclosure, so I guess we’re looking at some sort of mobile phone screen protector.

The UltraGlass screen protector is a thin sheet of tempered glass that adheres to the front of your phone. It’s thin, and it comes in colours and finishes that allow it to blend in with white or black iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S2s. Because it looks like the face of the phone, it maintains some semblance of the phone’s “naked” look, while offering some protection.

How much protection are we talking? Well, the graphics I’ve seen show people attacking their phone with a drill, but I can tell you I won’t be testing that! I can see it offering a little protection from drops, but the main thing will be protection from scratches. I’ve had my iPhone in the same pocket as my car keys this week (deliberately) and so far there have been no scratches on the UltraGlass.

Application is very easy – just clean the phone, peel the backing off the UltraGlass, line it up, and press it down. Because it’s quite rigid, there’s no worrying about getting bubbles under it.

If there is something I’m not happy about it’s that, under extremely bright light (like a very sunny day) there are little dots visible on the UltraGlass. I think these are how the electrical conductivity of your finger is transmitted to the phone’s touchscreen and, in most conditions they aren’t visible, but they do become a little annoying when you notice them.

Overall, though, I’m pretty impressed with the UltraGlass Protective Screen Cover. It’s easy to apply, feels sturdy, and does allow you to use your phone as normal. And it’s nice to know there’s just that little bit of extra protection in place, without making my phone look ugly in the process.

A review unit of the UltraGlass screen protector was provided free of charge by Mobile Fun.

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