Say goodbye to cable-hunting with the OneCable

The OneCable - three cables in oneWhile the EU would like to see MicroUSB as the standard cable for mobile devices, there’s still a good variation in chargers between different manufacturers. Apple, of course, have their own socket, and just by looking around the room I can see that my Kindle uses MicroUSB while my portable speakers use MiniUSB. This gets really annoying in the car, where I would rather just keep my iPhone cable plugged in. My wife, on the other hand, needs a MicroUSB cable to charge her Blackberry.

What we need is one cable that will charge the majority of devices, and that’s exactly what the OneCable does. This extendable USB cable comes with three fittings: Apple, MicroUSB and MiniUSB. They all fit into each other, and a clever hinge system means the ones that aren’t in use stay attached to the cable… so you don’t lose them down the side of the seat (you know, where all those fluffy sweeties end up).

There’s not really too much you can say about a cable, is there, except that it works… and I do love the spring-loaded extension reel which keeps it tidy when you don’t need it at full length (70cm). It’s already reduced my stress levels in the car, as I’m not hunting around for another cable and wondering how it ended up in the back pocket of the passenger seat any more.

It’s a cable… but I’m impressed.

A free sample of the OneCable was provided for this review. The sample was provided by Mobile Fun, who sell all manner of mobile gadgets and iPhone accessories.

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