What’s that music?

Do you remember the 1990s advert for Guinness where a man is dancing round waiting for his beer to settle? Don’t worry if not – here it is again from YouTube:

This was the first advert where the music caught my attention to the point where I just had┬áto track it down. Fortunately, Guinness actually released the soundtrack on CD so it wasn’t too hard. Rather nicely, it also introduced me to Perez Prado and the style of mambo. The thing is, if the CD hadn’t come out I would have found it much more difficult to find out what the music was. The World Wide Web was in its infancy, and downloading music files on those slow dial-up modems wasn’t even worth thinking about.

Nowadays things are a mite easier, and when you hear some great music in an advert you can quickly Google it to see what it was… or you can check out TV Ad Music. With YouTube videos of recent adverts, information on the music artists, and links to download the tracks from iTunes where available, you’re pretty likely to find a few items to tickle your fancy.

I found TV Ad Music when searching for information on who sang the song for the O2 “Things are Changing” advert. Unfortunately you can’t buy it, but it’s a lovely song. Another great track (and another that you can’t buy, sadly) is the Halifax Community Choir singing “I believe I can fly”.

Check the site out, and explore some of the great music you hear during those commercial breaks.

What’s your favourite piece of music from advertising? Tell us in the comments.

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