Orange wants to invest in Different Business

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Orange: Different BusinessI have to admit it… I really enjoy watching Dragon's Den. I love seeing the ideas people come up with for businesses, how they try to convince the Dragons that they are worth investing in, and which ones succeed in doing so. If people come in with solid ideas and innovative products, they stand a good chance of attracting an investor.

Interestingly, UK telecoms company Orange recently announced that they are looking to invest in up and coming companies through their Different Business competition.

They are offering a prize package that includes business planning advice and mentoring, mobile communication devices and plans, marketing consultancy, legal advice and investment capital. In total, the prize package is worth up to £200,000 – an invaluable investment if you're looking to start your own company. 

How do you get your hands on this prize package? Well, visit the Win Your Business website and apply. Orange's panel of judges will be looking for something unique – different ideas and approaches, clear strategies… something worth funding. Just make sure you have really thought your business through, as they will also be looking for financial projections and details as well as your inspiring vision.

Let me tell you that I started my own business a little over a year ago, and I would have jumped at the chance to have a business planning mentor, legal expert, and marketing consultant by my side. That's before we even get to the help a cash injection and the provision of mobile communication equipment can give to a fledgling company! If you have a different business idea – not necessarily a completely new product, but perhaps a new approach to an existing problem – it's got to be worth your time to enter and see how you do, don't you think?

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