I’m insulted … but at least it was intelligent

Intellisult - the intelligent insulter

There’s something of an art to insults, isn’t there? I mean, if you just say to someone “you’re stupid” it reflects more on you than on them. No, insults should be finely crafted, witty, and intelligent.

But what if you’re struggling to think of anything? Fear not, for Intellisult is on the case. Visit Intellisult.com and enter a name to get an “intelligent insult”. I’m guessing the system just combines dictionaries of phrases to create its insults, but some of them are quite funny. They are, perhaps, a little unwieldy to use in a genuinely insult-worthy situation, but they’ll give you some ideas :)

Now, go and have some fun you rank stench-emitting menace to, not only society, but all living creatures.

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