Hama Rexton 170 DSLR Camera Bag [review]

Hama Rexton 170 DSLR Camera BagWhat do you look for in a camera bag? If you’re like me you will want something that takes the best care of your Digital SLR camera, snug but padded compartments to keep the camera and accessories in place, able to cope with the traditional British summer (i.e. a bit of rain) and comfortable to wear. My usual camera bag, a Lowepro Pro Runner 300 AW, fits that bill pretty well, but has one disadvantage. It’s a backpack, which means getting the camera out can be a bit of a faff. I tend to find shoulder bags a bit easier to access, because you don’t have to get them off your back first!

So, with that in mind, I was pleased to be sent a Hama Rexton 170 DSLR bag to review.

First impressions are very favourable. The bag is a decent size at 29cm x 20cm x 16cm and has padded dividers that Velcro into place and let you configure the interior to suit a variety of equipment load-outs. Those padded dividers are great, because they stop individual pieces of equipment from rattling against each other as you move around.

The base of the Rexton 170 is rubberised, which means when you put it down outside you’ll have confidence that moisture won’t leak through – handy in the UK’s not-so-dry climate. Any small stones you place the bag on are also less likely to cause damage, which gives extra peace of mind. Speaking of moisture, there is also a built-in rain cover for when you get caught in the inevitable shower. As with most of these bags, having the rain cover in place does mean you can’t open them easily… but then, you probably wouldn’t want to get your camera out unless you were under cover anyway.

Right, so you can fit a camera body and four other pieces of kit (like lenses) in the bag, it’s sturdy and good in the wet, but is it comfortable? Actually, yes – the shoulder strap has a padded cushion. I filled my bag up and took it when I went for a country walk for an hour or so and found it very comfortable. I would recommend wearing it cross-fashion (i.e. strap on one shoulder and the bag on the other side of your body) otherwise you’ll be unbalanced.

What else is there? Well, there are little pockets for you to put memory cards and batteries in, sundry small pockets for other accessories, and a pair of straps on the back for holding a tripod (although I admit I didn’t try this).

The Hama Rexton 170 DSLR bag does a good job as a shoulder-carried camera bag and, since it’s not on my back, it’s certainly easier to get into quickly than my usual backpack. Of course, you sacrifice the ability to carry even more equipment in the process, but it’s well worth a look. Check out LoveCases where you will find this bag available for £37.95.

A big thanks for the review case to the guys at LoveCases, where you can also find a range of camera bags and DSLR camera bags.

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