Picfull – simple photo filtering… and it’s free

The picfull interface showing a list of photo filters and a stylised image

Sometimes you just want to do something simple online, and it ends up becoming a real faff. Image editing is one of those areas, with a load of offering on the Internet that, in some cases, rival the capabilities of the almighty Photoshop. That’s great if you are after something comprehensive, but if you just want to much around with your photos it can get a little overwhelming

Picfull is firmly at the “simple” end of the scale. Upload a photo, apply some filters, and that’s it. You can layer the filters on top of each other if you desire, giving you the ability to come up with interesting combined effects, but the overall experience is one of simplicity.

The site’s creators tell us, “While there is a flood image editing sites out there, we are focusing on providing unique, high quality photo filters that are truly easy to use. Our selection ranges from vintage filters to bolder modern ones, each of which has its own set of parameters that can be tweaked by the user in real time. Plus, multiple filters can be applied to the same photo, allowing for almost endless variations.”

Picfull isn’t going to float your boat if you want to do any complex image editing, but if you’re after a quick and easy way to give your photos a different look it might just fit the bill.

…and, yes, it does have the obligatory Obama poster effect ;)

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