Friday Fun: One Step Back

Game screenshot showing a man running round a maze with several other figures chasing him - One Step Back

Explore the mind of a man stuck with his memories- only by forgetting the past can he advance.

Riiight – this sounds interesting… I wonder how that’s going to work in a Flash game? Well, it’s one of those where your actions come back to haunt you. Each level of this game sees you moving from entry to exit, but the exit only opens after a certain amount of time. That’s fine, except that you are also being followed by a “ghost” of your past actions. Where you jumped, the ghost will jump. Where you moved left or right, the ghost will move left or right. And if the ghost touches you… you have to start the level again.

The tricky part comes when the exit doesn’t open for a lengthier period of time, and the entrance has pumped out two or three ghosts. It gets quite crowded, and you have to think carefully about where you’re going to move to avoid meeting yourself again.

Oh, I know, it sounds a bit confusing. Just give it a go and it will all make sense :) You will need Flash to play, and there is some nice relaxing music to keep you chilled out.

–> Click to Play <–

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