Can You Crack It?

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Time does strange things to your memory, doesn’t it? I mean, I look back on my time at university, studying Computing Science, as some of the happiest of my life. When I think harder, though, I remember how difficult it was to complete my assignments on time, and the all-nighters I pulled on multiple occasions to make sure everything was done. But, still, I remember it as being happy.

But you didn’t come here to listen to me reminisce, did you? What’s got me thinking about university is that, at the time, I was very interested in cryptography – the art and science of securing information and communication. I used to spend hours in the library looking through books on the subject, before eventually deciding that I just didn’t understand it!

Which means I would be terrible at this cyber code challenge – a website that has sprung up inviting you to “crack the code”.

It’s one of these sites that draws you in with a sense of mystery: Who is behind it? What happens when you crack the code? Are we talking some Stargate Universe-style opportunity to join a mission to another planet? OK, the answer is almost certainly “no” but the point is you don’t get to know what the story is until and unless you crack the code.

I guess the question is, can you crack it? I would love to say I can… but given my previous inability to master the dark art of cryptography, either for encoding or decoding, I think it’s beyond my reach. Reckon you can do any better?

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