Mario’s Back

Mario Land 3DSHappy Monday all – here we are at the start of another week and I thought we would start out easy with some news about one of the oldest gaming franchises still running today. Mario, one half of the Super Mario Brothers (did Luigi ever get annoyed that the whole plumbing business was named after his brother?), has been on the go since appearing in Donkey Kong in the early 1980s, and he is still going strong.

His latest outing is on the Nintendo 3DS, and the website for Super Mario 3D Land has just been unveiled. The site promises that the game will have “incredible depth, making it easier to judge the location of enemies and blocks, but also allowing it to be crammed full of amazing all-new puzzles and obstacles that just aren’t possible in 2D”.

I know 3D is just a gimmick for many people – at least when it comes to televisions, but I think gaming is one of those areas where there’s real potent ion to develop this. It’ll be interesting to see how Super Mario 3D Land does when it arrives on the 18th of November.

Here’s the press release, check out the links within for more information.

Mario’s pulled a classic suit out of hiding, has new actions and much more – come on over and see!

Mario’s back, but this time there’s a twist in the ‘tail’ – enjoy classic action, brand new worlds and challenges – and all in 3D, in Super Mario 3D Land!

That big meanie Bowser has nabbed Princess Peach again and our ‘stache owning hero is the only one who can save her. But this time around Mario has an old favourite suit to don once more, additional power-ups, and new moves to unleash on his quest to save the princess – and by golly he’s going to use them!

Want to know more about the adorable return of Tanooki Mario? Desperate to check out our hero’s new abilities? Thirsting for some snazzy screenshots, artwork and videos from this vibrant new Mario excursion?

If the answer’s a resounding, ground-pounding, “Yes!” then jump ‘n’ run over to our newly-opened SUPER MARIO 3D LAND teaser website – and don’t forget to check back in the coming weeks as we’ll be unveiling more exciting details on this technicolour feast of a 3D platformer!

SUPER MARIO 3D LAND will be in shops from the 18th of November, only on Nintendo 3DS.

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