Friday Fun: Learn to fly 2

Learn to fly 2

Poor penguins – it must be terrible to be a bird that can’t fly. Well, the penguin in this week’s Friday Fun is taking matters into his own hands. The backstory to this game is that he (or she) has been trying to learn to fly, but various obstacles keep getting in the way. So Learn to fly 2 has you trying to clear the path for a decent flight by firing a dummy penguin down a ramp.

Each flight earns you money, which you can use to upgrade your dummy in a bid to destroy all the obstacles in the shortest amount of time possible. I thing these kinds of games (very similar to Hedgehog Launch 2) are terribly addictive – it’s all the upgrades that keep me going until I finally complete the game.

Once you finish the story mode, you’ll unlock Classic and Arcade mode. You will need Flash to play, and there is sound but you can turn the volume down and the game still remains playable.

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