Creating mindmaps with Mindomo 6 – is it still good?

Mindomo's dekstop application makes mindmapping easy

Back in July 2010 I wrote a post about creating mindmaps with an online service called Mindomo. I was impressed with it at the time, finding that it was full-featured and very easy to use. Well, Mindomo has recently had an update that brings it up to version 6, and I took another look to see whether it is still as good as it was or whether a great formula has been fiddled with once too often.

Firstly, let me say that I spent much more time using the desktop version of Mindomo this time around, rather than the website version. The two are virtually identical, however. I suspect that this is down to the fact that the website interface is Adobe Flash, and the desktop version is Adobe Air. I don’t have any inside knowledge, but I would be willing to bet it’s the same codebase between the two versions, just packaged differently.

The Interface has had a bit of an overhaul, as you will see if you compare the screenshot above with the one on the original Mindomo post. I do like the ability to pick a theme for your chart if you decide the default isn’t too your liking, and there are twenty four built in for you to pick from. Couple that with varying chart layouts, like standard mindmaps, concept charts, or organisation charts, and you get quite an array of possible designs.

Last time out I mentioned I thought it was important that a mindmapping tool be easy to navigate using only the keyboard and, I’m pleased to say, Mindomo has kept that easy navigation. There are also, now, context-sensitive menus when you right click on a node that allow you to insert a new topic, subtopic, cut/paste, and delete. It isn’t possible to delete a node using just the keyboard, which is slightly annoying if that’s all you want to use, but I guess it also means you won’t accidentally delete anything by hitting the wrong key.

One feature I liked very much is the fact that the desktop application is cloud-aware. Assuming you are online, you can open maps you created on the website in the desktop version, and you can sync desktop-created maps back to the website to work on at any Internet-enabled computer. This is the killer app of cloud computing for me – the ability to pick up my work on any computer – and Mindomo does it seamlessly.

The final feature I think worth mentioning is the ability to share maps with other Mindomo users. You can specify their email addresses and set permissions (like whether they should be able to edit the map) and they will be sent a message to tell them you have shared a map with them. If they are not already Mindomo users they will be invited to sign up, but they could do this on the free account and so avoid incurring any costs. Online collaboration Рanother big plus point for any productivity app in my book.

So, is the new version of Mindomo still a hit? I’d say so. It’s still easy to use, still a powerful tool and, while it’s not vastly¬†different from the version I used last year, it has had a number of useful upgrades and improvements.

There is still a free version of Mindomo, which does have a lower map limit than when I reviewed it last time, but if you want to try it out you should be able to have a good play for no money down. If you want to make better and wider use, there’s the premium version, which costs $6 per month. Additional pricing details can be found here.

If you’re a mindmapping aficionado, I’d highly recommend checking Mindomo out.

Disclosure: Links to Mindomo in this post are affiliate links.

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