M-Edge Executive Jacket for Amazon Kindle [Review]

I’m usually a bit of a butterfly when it comes to gadgets. By that, I mean that I tend to lose interest fairly quickly and move on to something else. I kind of wondered whether that would happen when I bought an Amazon Kindle back in February, but I’m still using it daily and still loving it! I like to keep my gadgets in good condition, and the Kindle is no exception, so I usually end up using covers or cases to protect them from any bumps or knocks that could damage them (not to mention protect them from the children!). With that in mind, I was pleased to be sent an M-Edge Executive case for the Kindle by Gear Zap. So, what’s it like?

I’ve said it before, but there’s not a lot of innovation to be had in gadget covers. What you’re after is something that looks good, feels comfortable, and actually offers some degree of protection to the device you are covering. Let’s see how the Executive delivers in these areas:


The M-Edge Executive’s faux leather covering gives it a stylish look that wouldn’t look out of place in an office (I guess that’s the point, isn’t it?) or on the bookshelf. The detailing around the middle is understated but makes it a little more interesting than just a plain black surface. The detailing does have a functional purpose, though, as the case is fastened shut with a sort of belt-loop system, and the central band is where the “belt” slots into. At first I thought that wouldn’t prove anywhere near as secure as a stud popper or elastic strap, but it turns out it copes very well.

Inside, the Executive is lined with a suede-like material and has two internal pockets. If I have one complaint it would be that the case is a little wider than others I have used, with the Kindle sitting nearly an inch in from the spine. The reason for this is that, as an optional extra, you can buy a reading light that fits into that gap and allows you to carry on reading when someone decides it’s time to go to sleep and turns the bedside lamp out on you.

Overall, the Executive is a stylishly understated cover and, for my money, scores well on looks.


Have you ever tried to use a mobile phone cover, or Kindle case, and found that it just doesn’t seem to be designed to actually let you use the device inside? Pointless flaps, studs, or misplaced holes can really ruin the user experience. There is a little of this with the Executive, in that the fastening belt sits right next to the right-hand navigation buttons on the Kindle. You can simply fold the belt back to move it out of the way, but it is a little annoying.

Other than this, though, the Executive case is very comfortable to use. It is a little larger than the Kindle unit itself, as already mentioned, but not cumbersome. If you prefer to navigate your books using your left-hand, as I do, you can fold the case’s front cover underneath and get easy access to the left-hand buttons. I actually find that doing this makes the Kindle easier to hold too. The case’s spine is quick thick, so you get a good grip, and that gap I mentioned earlier that is meant for a reading light seems to put the buttons in just the right place. It’s almost like they’ve thought about this!

Right-handers – I do think the fastening belt could become annoying but perhaps that’s as much a product of the fact that I’m left-handed as anything else.


To my mind, this is the entire point of a gadget case: protection. The Kindle is held in place within the case by two slide-in straps and two elastic straps. I have tried flinging the whole assembly around and can’t get the Kindle to budge so I’m confident in saying it’s not going to fall out of the case in your bag! We have already made much of the belt-loop fastener that keeps the case closed too and, so far, it has done that job to perfection. Again, it’s highly unlikely that you will delve into your rucksack to find that the case has flopped open and your house keys have scratched the Kindle’s screen. Finally, there’s drop protection. The faux leather outer of the case is padded, so the shock of a drop should be dissipated by that and, assuming you have inserted your Kindle firmly into the slide-in straps, there is a small gap between it and the edge of the case that will protect should you drop it edge-on.

As ever, you wouldn’t want to throw your gadgets under the wheel of a moving car, or off a bridge, but for everyday drops, knocks and bag-carrying, the M-Edge Executive case will offer ample protection.


So there we have it. There are some annoyances, such as the fastening strap getting in the way if you use the Kindle’s right-hand navigation buttons, but on the whole the Executive case is a great way to keep your Kindle safe while looking good and being comfortable to use. If the black version doesn’t take your fancy, there are also versions in red and purple. Personally, I like the black version and will be using this as my Kindle cover from now on.

M-Edge Executive Kindle Cases are available from Gear Zap, and are priced at £25.48.

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