Friday Fun: Chat Noir

Oh dear, this is another of those games with the potential to keep you occupied for a long, long time… sorry!

As my daughter keeps discovering, it’s remarkably difficult to corner a cat. No matter how well you think about the situation, those pesky felines always seem to find a way to escape your clutches. I should add, for all you concerned animal lovers, that all my daughter wants to do is stroke her pet. He just remembers her from when she was too little to understand that you don’t sit on cats… they sit on you.

Anyway, here’s a great puzzle game called Chat Noir (or Black Cat) where the idea is to¬†encircle¬†the cat in darker blobs while it tries to make its escape. It can be done but it’s a bit tricky.

You’ll need Flash to play, and there’s no sound this time. Have fun!

–> Click to play <–

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