Gumdrop Drop Series Case for iPhone 4 [review]

It’s a standard question when buying a new mobile phone: “Do you want to take insurance on that?” On the one hand, it’s an extra expense and, of course, you’re planning to be very careful with your new gadget. On the other hand, accidents happen… unfortunate meetings between toilet and telephone, children getting hold of your handset, or whipping your phone out of your pocket to answer a call and having it tumble from your hands only to land on the unyielding pavement below.

I have always preferred my mobile phones “naked”; that is, without a case. But having dropped several phones and seen how quickly they get scuffed and scratched I now always use a case. So when MobileFun asked me to look at one of their Gumdrop offerings, I jumped at the chance.

The Gumdrop Drop Series Case for iPhone 4 gives a very distinct impression. If you were looking for a single word to describe it, I’d go for “rugged”. It looks chunky and as if it could be made from a piece of tyre!

The Drop Series case is made up of several layers of protection. A hard inner layer clips around your iPhone very snugly. In fact, it is so snug it can be hard to open again but I would rather that than something that doesn’t fit properly. The nice thing is that the inner layer includes an integral screen protector too, so there is pretty much all-over protection.

Hard cases do still have a tendency to crack if dropped, though, so the Drop Series Case has a rubber outer section. This is what makes it look like a tyre, and what adds to the size of the case. It will absorb the shock of a drop and makes the whole affair very, very grippy.

That’s something you want in your phone case, but here it’s almost too much. Having the Drop Series Case in your pocket and trying to get it out quickly to answer a phone call invariably results in an inside-out pocket. It’s not a huge problem but it could become annoying in time.

A few friends also offered their views of the case, and pointed out that it adds nearly a centimetre in every direction over the “naked” phone. That, and the overall styling, makes it seem that this case has been styled more for male tastes than female. It doesn’t have to be that way, of course, but this is the feedback I received from the women I showed it to.

Overall my friends and I agreed that the Gumdrop Drop Series case is a tough piece of kit. It’ll protect your iPhone 4 from drops and knocks very, very well but at the expense of making it slightly chunky and those inside-out pockets I mentioned.

If your primary concern is protection over looks, or if you happen to like the rugged appearance of the Drop Series case, this is well worth a look.

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