Friday Fun: Racing Comrade!

OK, now this is a bit strange, but oddly compelling at the same time. This week’s Friday Fun is a Flash-based game that has you trying to win races. You keep repeating the same race until you win it, which you do by upgrading your runner’s skills and abilities.

You could opt to buy a bit more speed, the ability to sprint, or some extra abilities like distracting the other runners, kicking or biting them to slow them down, or even stabbing them to stop them altogether. There are “Party Officials” adjudicating each race too, who will penalise you if they see you committing illegal acts against your co-competitors. However, you can also bribe the officials to your advantage.

Where it all turns quite surreal is that it’s loosely based on the Communist Party and features several historical figures and statesmen. It probably suits those of you with a surreal sense of humour, but the actual racing and upgrading part is also well realised.

So, before this turns into a full-on review, have a go and see how you get on.

–> Click to Play <–

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