Time your tweets for maximum impact with Timely

Twitter is a global phenomenon. Whatever time of day you tweet, there will be people online and there’s every chance one of them will see your message. Most likely, though, your friends and followers have certain times of day they are more active than others. If, for instance, you’re UK-centric you’ll probably get more interaction when it’s daytime in the UK rather than the dead of night.

But back to that global phenomenon… few Twitterers limit themselves to one country or timezone, so it’s not particularly easy to work out when would be the best time to tweet something for maximum impact. Enter Timely, which aims to do the scheduling for you by analysing your previous tweets and reactions to work out when your audience is at its most active.

Simply sign up and add your tweets to the queue. I’m not a fan of automatic tweeting, but I like the idea of being able to queue items that aren’t particularly timebound. What I mean by that is that everything I’ve put in my Timely queue is what I want to say, and it’s written live, but it’s not absolutely vital that it go out there and then. So I queue it up and let Timely decide when to send it.

Does it work? I haven’t sent a huge number of tweets through it, but the few I have sent have definitely enjoyed increased interaction, replies, and retweets. If those results are replicated with a larger sample of tweets, things are looking good.

Why not give Timely a shot yourself and see whether it makes a difference to the impact of your tweets? Feel free to let us know how you get on in the comments.

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  1. Good tips! I also used timely.is and so far it’s the best twitter dashboard I’ve ever been with. It really rocks and very timely to get hook up instant traffic from twitter.

    • Thanks Kira – I continue to use it, and to enjoy good interaction with other Twitter users because of it. Timing, it seems, really is everything.