What do you want your car to sound like?

May 17, 2011 Off By Chris Hinton

I loved this article on the BBC News website, which talks about how researchers at Warwick University are experimenting with adding sound to electric vehicles.
See, electric vehicles are quiet. If you’ve ever tried to reverse a Prius out of a supermarket car park space you’ll know that people have no idea you’re ready to go and tend to get a bit of a shock when you start rolling. But full-on EVs are quiet at much higher speeds too, which poses an even greater danger to children, visually impaired people, or animals. So the idea is to add a speaker unit to EVs and make them emit a sound that signals their presence.
The question is, what should that sound be? Should it sound like a normal car? A UFO? An emergency vehicle?
Personally, I’d opt for the sound of a TIE Fighter from Star Wars. The thought of driving around town sounding like I’m defending the Death Star is making me smile as I write this.
How about you? If you could choose a sound for your car what would you have? Or would you, in fact, go for silence? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.