Track your WiFi use with WiFiMan [iOS]

Last October I mentioned an iPhone app called DataMan, which tracks the amount of cellular data your iPhone is using. Since most mobile carriers are now metering their cellular data, it can be useful to keep an eye on how much you’re chewing through.

The same company has now released WiFiMan, which tracks WiFi usage.

While the bandwidth limits on WiFi accounts tend to be much more generous than on cellular, it’s a hard fact of life that many WiFi plans do still have a limit. Are you likely to run into that limit on your smartphone? Well, I guess that depends what you’re using it for.

Heavy VoIP use, video conferencing, watching TV or videos and so on can soon start to eat into even a generous bandwidth limit so, again, it’s worth keeping an eye on how much you’re going through.

But wait…

But here’s the kicker. Ready? If you already have DataMan, it does WiFi usage as well as cellular. It won’t alert you if you’re about to go over a WiFi limit, but it will track how much you have used. So you have to ask yourself whether you want to buy a second app for the luxury of alerts, or can you trust yourself to manage your data usage just by keeping an eye on the counter?

WiFiMan is available from the app store for iOS devices. But personally, if any, I’d buy DataMan.

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