Navigon iPhone 3GS in-car holder with charger [review]

If you’ve been reading Geek-Speak for a while you’ll know I love my gadgets and wouldn’t be without my iPhone. You might also have picked up that I love cars and, of course, there are times you want to combine the two. Since smartphones can now operate as SatNavs, it is important to be able to hold them properly while driving. By which, obviously, I mean an effective way of mounting them within the car.

Navigon, who also make SatNavs, have produced an iPhone in-car holder. I tested the 3G/3Gs version from

The first impression is that this is a sturdy piece of equipment. No spindly arms but a solid piece of plastic holding your phone in place, and the sucker cup firmly attaches the whole setup to the windscreen. Perhaps I’m just spatially disadvantaged, but it did take me a few moments to work out which way up to attach the holder!

The iPhone clips firmly into the holder, which curls around the bottom ensuring that even if it somehow came loose it shouldn’t drop out.

The Navigon in-car holder also comes with an adapter to turn your 12v cigarette lighter socket into a USB port, and a USB cable for charging your iPhone on the go.

The overall impression of this in-car holder is of a solid piece of kit that holds your phone securely in place, and looks pretty good to boot. When you think about it, what more could you want from a gadget holder?

Mobile Fun has a good range of iPhone 3GS car holders, and an iPhone 4 version of the Navigon holder. ┬áIf you’re looking for a way to keep your gadgets safe while in the car, check them out.

[Navigon iPhone 3G/3GS in-car holder and charger]

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