Leather Style Kindle Case and Light [review]

The Amazon Kindle is a great little piece of kit, and I’ve been told by a number of people it’s designed to handle the daily rigours of being treated like any other book. I’m not convinced, however, that I would want to toss it in a bag along with keys or leave it lying around the house for the kids to get creative with.

The obvious solution is to invest in a cover, and Mobile Fun recently sent me one of their range of Kindle covers to try out. The cover in question is a black leather style case, with a clip-on LED light.

If I’m honest, there’s not a lot of innovation to be had in device cases. What you’re looking for is something that looks decent, feels good to use, and that actually protects the device it’s covering. The leather styling (note: it’s not real leather) gives this case a classic look which wouldn’t look out of place on a bookshelf.

The Kindle is held in place by elasticated straps that keep it secure without getting in the way. On other cases I’ve used there has been a strap that goes the full width of the Kindle, between the keyboard and screen. While that’s arguably even more secure than being held in by the corners, it does get in the way and sort of draws the case to your attention instead of just letting you get on with your reading.

As for the light, it clips on to the cover and provides decent illumination for night time reading. I found it to be noticeably duller than reading under room light, but certainly good enough. If anything my only complaint would be that the light’s poseable neck is a bit flimsy and given to shaking when you shift position. Still, assuming you’re not trying to read while dancing, you shouldn’t have a problem!

As I said earlier, there’s not a lot of innovation to be had in the case field. I think it’s more a case (boom boom!) of finding one you’re happy with and sticking with it. At a decent price of £15.95, looking good, offering decent protection and coming with a battery-operated light, the Leather Style Kindle Case and Light from MobileFun is well worth a look.

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