Friday Fun: Record Tripping

It’s not often that a game really impresses me, but Record Tripping by the Bell Brothers is just fantastic. The idea is to solve puzzles that involve you rotating barrels, clocks, safe tumblers, and so on… spinning them forwards, backwards, or slowing them down.

Nothing innovative yet, but this game almost feels like art. No, seriously! There’s some great music playing from artists like Gorrilaz and Beck, and a very “watch with mother” style voice reading passages from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. As you skip forward or backward so does the reading, like scratching a record. When you slow the spin down, the reading also slows.

The combination of great tunes and DJ-like scratching is somehow hypnotic. Record Tripping is, quite honestly, one of the best Flash games I’ve played in a long, long time.

Give it a go – you’ll need Flash and sound.

–> Click to play <–


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