Eco Apps, mobile recycling and more tips for a greener mobile life

This is a guest post by Richard Osbourne who is a self confessed gadget geek and a regular contributor to technology and mobile blogs and news sites.

A large emphasis is being placed on ways to be friendly to the planet these days. While many people are unaware of ways to give back to mother earth, starting with their mobile phones may be the best place to begin, especially since mobile phone subscriptions are increasing to over 4.6 billion in worldwide. Mobile technology has been creeping its way into just about everyone’s lives over the recent years, so being eco-friendly with these devices becomes nobody’s responsibility but our own. Let’s take a look at a few ways we can use our mobile devices and not harm our environment.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!!

One of the easiest ways to be environmentally friendly is to recycle, and just about everyone knows this simple rule. With technological advancements happening at racing speeds and new phones being developed and released almost on a daily basis, as a person gives up that old phone it is imperative to remember they can recycle it. While many service providers have bins for recycling old phones a person might also want to keep in mind they can easily make money from reselling their phones. With a quick visit to one of many phone recycling sites you can see just how much your old phone is worth. Yes, recycling is that easy plus many sites will either pay you for your old phone or donate to a charitable cause on your behalf!

Monitor Mobile Phone Energy Usage

There are many energy monitoring sites which enable mobile phone users to compare mobile devices and see which ones use less energy, which in the end enables a person to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. And for those phones that are a must-have, yet use a lot of energy, a scan of the manual may reveal different settings that can be activated to help cut down on its energy usage.

Green Apps

This one may sound crazy but environmentally friendly apps do exist. In fact, there are actually a large number of apps that fall under the ‘green’ category. These apps can perform a range of different functions including providing consumers with ideas and tips on how to live a ‘greener’ life, and some apps even allow a user to scan bar codes on products and items and see what the products environmental impact is. This makes purchasing products that are friendly to mother earth about as simple as it gets. Other apps with an environmental spin include maps to connect you with ‘green living sites’ nearby, and tips on which cars are most efficient and how to drive them to the best effect.

Environmentally Friendly Broadband

OK, lastly, there are several broadband service providers that donate a portion of any proceeds they obtain to different charities or that go for carbon neutral status.. When seeking a mobile broadband service provider, keep in mind that partnering with an environmentally friendly service provider is the ‘greenest’ way to go.

Over To You

So, there are some ideas on how you can go green with your mobile life. Do you have any tips you would add to the list? Have you heard or used a mobile tool to help you live in an environmentally beneficial way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Conor Maples says:

    Doing good with mobiles is a very interesting subject, so thank you, Richard, for providing some useful examples of how to work towards a ‘greener planet’. In particular your point about recycling is worth reiterating. Research has shown that two thirds of Brits have old phones gathering dust in their homes. Orange started its Recycle & Reward scheme two years ago, allowing customers to earn some cash for their old mobile and in return minimising the public’s impact on the environment.

    It’s funny you should mention green apps, because we have just launched a unique iPhone app that enables people to contribute to green causes via their phones. The concept is called mobile volunteering and could potentially change the face of volunteering in the UK.

    We’ve co-created the app with 12 charities to ensure this concept has the potential to make a real, tangible difference. The list of charities include Groundworks, Guerilla Gardening, Mission Explore and WCAFI who are known for their commitment to make Britain a greener space to live in.

    The ‘Do Some Good’ app consists of twelve different charity ‘actions’ that consumers can complete anytime, volunteering 5 minutes of their time. For example, people can take a photo of an area in their community where they want trees to be planted and explain why. WCAFI will consider the request and for every tree that is planted in the UK, an additional one is planted in a developing country.

    If 1 million people gave five minutes of their time to complete just one ‘Do Some Good’ app action, it would equal almost a decade of volunteering…so when you think about it on that kind of scale the potential is huge.

    The app is free to download from iTunes (

    Let me know what you think of it?



  2. Find those Eco Apps for Free at just register your e-mail at their homepage and never miss an eco app again.



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