Facebook Pages get an update

Facebook Pages are undergoing a bit of an update at the moment that aims to make them even more useful for users. The updates were prematurely launched in December, and then quickly taken down again, but that mistake did give us an insight into what was coming. Tabs are gone, and there is now a built-in option to export page updates to Twitter.

On the whole, the pages look a little more like normal user profiles now, but there’s one new feature I think is going to stand out among all the others.

Use Facebook as Page

I think the most useful feature for page admins is to use Facebook as the page rather than as yourself. Just select “Use Facebook as page” from the account menu and you will be given the opportunity to change your identity to that of any of the pages you have admin rights to.

You won’t be able to comment on users’ walls or posts, but you can interact with other pages. This is handy if, say, you have a page for your company and want to show that you “like” one of your suppliers or customers, or if you want to comment on a page in your company’s name. It will open up new opportunities for business-to-business networking and may give a slightly more professional appearance than having to comment on pages using your own name. Mind you, there’s something to be said for presenting the human face of your business isn’t there?

I like the idea of interacting under my page (Geek-Speak)’s name, but what do you think? Is it better to do this, or interact as yourself?  What do you think of the updates as a whole? Will it make any difference to you as a user? Or if you’re an admin, can you see the update improving how you use Facebook? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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