iPhone apps that can save you money

This is a guest post by Andreas Nicolaides, personal finance author at moneysupermarket.com. Andreas writes about all things money, from balance transfer credit cards to cash ISA savings, and this time he has decided to share with us iPhone apps that can save you money.

There are so many iPhone apps that you can currently download; you can get an iPhone app to do just about anything. The magic date was June 11 2007, when Apple announced that their new iPhone would support third party applications, and now there are over 260,000 applications available for download.

With it being the turn of the year, a lot of us tend to set New Years resolutions, and many of them will probably include trying to save money. Now I know saving money is no easy task, however, there are some iPhone apps amongst the thousands available that can be an incredible help, and here’s my top 4 in no particular order:


0870Don’t you hate it when you need to get hold of a company to ask them a question and then you find out that they use a pricey 0870 number? With the 0870 app, you can check to see if there is an alternate cheaper number that you can ring. Ringing an 0870, 0845 or even an 0800 number from our mobiles can be incredibly expensive, normally around 35p per minute, but this app will help to save you money on your phone bill. This app costs 59p from the app store which is still a bargain considering the amount of money you could save.


CurrencyThis is a great iPhone app for those jetsetters amongst you. It’s simple and yet very effective purpose is to note the exchange rate of more than 90 different countries, including amongst others, the US dollar, Japanese yen and Turkish lira. If you’re going away on business or pleasure, it’s a great way to look ahead to see how much money you will need and you can work out any costs before you travel, a great way to save money. Again, this app is completely free to download.

moneysupermarket.com Vouchers

moneysupermarket.com vouchersLaunched in summer 2010, the moneysupermarket.com vouchers app is brilliant for saving you money. It’s a great way to find some exclusive offers that aren’t available anywhere else. You can simply search from where you are, and find out what vouchers are available nearby for restaurants, takeaways, pubs, clubs and loads more. You can also search via keyword and there are thousand of vouchers available to choose from. The app is completely free from the iTunes store.

Red Laser

RedLaserIf you love a good deal then red laser is the iPhone app for you, it has a built in scanner that you can use to scan a barcode on a particular item. All you have to do is use your iPhone camera to swipe the barcode. The application will then search major websites, like Google and Amazon to find the best price available for that product; it’s brilliant if you like to find the best possible deal. This fantastic app used to cost money if you wanted to download it but it’s now available free straight from the iTunes store.

So that’s my top four money-saving apps. Why not give them a go and see what they can do for you? Are there any other apps you use to save you money or time? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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