Asus SonicMaster brings us musical e-cards

This is a paid post – what does that mean?

Brand awareness is a funny thing. Half the time, the adverts we see are more about making us remember the brand than actually telling us anything about it. Think about Cadbury’s recent offerings, like the eyebrow dance, and you’ll know what I mean. What does that tell you about chocolate? Nothing at all, but it’s so memorable it means you’re more likely to think “Dairy Milk” next time you want some chocolate.

SonicMaster is a laptop technology from Asus that aims to appeal to music lovers with its high quality sound output. Tying into that, and helping us to remember them when shopping for a laptop, Asus have brought out the SonicMaster music box game… essentially musical e-cards.

The music box site is fairly simple, but it does give some opportunity for creating silly cards along the lines of those brilliant animations from JibJab. The steps to create your card are:

  • Choose a music box from the 12 available
  • Upload and edit your photo, which will become your character’s face
  • Record an audio message – you’re best speaking here rather than singing as there will be music playing in the background too.
  • Write a message
  • Share your music box via social media or e-mail

And that’s it – you can send your friends, relatives, and sworn enemies a little animated version of yourself playing music and delivering your recorded message. It’s all very easy and, if you forgot to send a Christmas card to your auntie in Australia, it might just be a fun way to say sorry.

On the whole, the music box game isn’t going to demonstrate the quality of SonicMaster’s sound unless you already have a laptop that incorporates it, but if you’re on the lookout for a new laptop it might just put you in the frame of mind to check a SonicMaster-enabled model out. And, in the end, that’s what these things are all about.

For those of us who aren’t in the market for a laptop, though, it’s still a fun little gizmo to play with. Check it out, and give it a go today.

Disclosure: I will receive financial payment for posting this article. Please be aware that I will never accept offers of paid posts where I am required only to give a positive review – objectivity is important to me and you can be sure that what I write, even in paid posts, is what I really think.

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