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Blimey, was it really March when I wrote about Tee Fury? If you’ve checked out Tee Fury but have been a bit frustrated at buying in dollars and waiting for your new t-shirt to arrive from across the pond, help is at hand. Qwertee is a similar one-day t-shirt site based in the UK/Republic of Ireland… which means you don’t have to try and work out the exchange rate for dollars, and you’ll get your tee more quickly.

If you’ve got this far and you’re still wondering, “what’s a one-day t-shirt”, let me explain. Stick around too, because I’ll be giving you a discount code to use on Qwertee at the end of this post.

One-day t-shirts?

Qwertee is very simple: they sell one t-shirt design, for one day only. Every day at 11pm they put a new tee on sale for twenty four hours, or less if it sells out quickly. After 24 hours the tees are gone, so if you see one you like you need to act fast to get hold of it before it’s too late.

Qwertee works with local and international artists and designers, but rather than deciding what to print themselves it’s the Qwertee community that decides what gets printed. Artists submit designs, community members vote for what they like, and the most popular designs are printed out and put on sale for 24 hours. The artists themselves receive €1 of the £8/€9 t-shirt sale.

The tees are ringspun cotton and hand-printed in the UK and Ireland. They also come in fully degradable bags, so you don’t need to worry that the packaging is going to hang around for centuries in a landfill site. Add in the Qwertee GuaranTee, that says you can return anything you’re not happy with at Qwertee’s cost and receive a refund, and I think this just looks better and better.

Qwertee is only a few weeks old, but there have already been some great designs to rival Tee Fury. If you’re into printed t-shirts, this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

And a special offer for Geek-Speak readers

Qwertee have set up a discount for Geek-Speak readers. Simply enter “GeekSpeak” in the discount code field of the checkout and you’ll get £1 or €1 off your order. Can’t say fairer than that, can you? Just move quickly… once those tees are gone, they’re gone.

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