MacDrive – access Mac-formatted drives on PC

Imagine the situation with me… you’re a PC user, or more specifically a Windows user. Your friend, however, is a fully paid up member of the cult of Mac and, understandably, has formatted their external hard drive for Mac OS X. One day, though, your friend brings his drive over to your house… there are a few large files you want to share and the easiest way was just to plug straight in to your computer.

The problem is… Windows can’t understand Mac OS formatted discs. They just won’t show up in Windows Explorer.

I had a similar problem to this: I have a Mac with an external drive plugged in. I usually share the external drive over our home network so I can access the files from my Windows 7 laptop, but recently the network’s been a bit flaky. I wanted to plug the external drive straight into my laptop but hit that Windows/Mac drive problem. Fortunately there is a solution.

MacDrive, by Mediafour, enables your Windows computer to understand Mac drives. In fact, it integrates them right into the explorer so, to all intents and purposes, they behave just the same as a Windows drive. The application suggested by Mediafour themselves is that of a Mac user running Windows as a Bootcamp partition, but wanting to access the Mac portion of their hard drive. I have no doubt that’ll work but, as I said, I wanted it to access a Mac-formatted external drive on my PC.

It’s a testament to how well this is working that I actually don’t have too much else to say! I installed the software, rebooted the computer, plugged in the external drive, and away we go. The nice thing is that there’s a free trial so you can see whether MacDrive fulfils your expectations. It’s certainly done so for me – why not download it and give it a try?

Check the MacDrive microsite for more information, and that free trial.

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