More Google StreetView shenanigans

The Google StreetView soap opera just rolls on and on… In case you’ve missed the build-up, check out these two articles:

The BBC reported on Friday of last week that Google (UK) would be deleting the WiFi data accidentally gathered by their StreetView cars. The Information Commissioner seems happy with this and has stated that no further investigation will be required. Additionally, no fine will be levied against Google for the breach. Interestingly, though, the Information Commissioner’s Office has just imposed its first two fines against other organisations.

Things have taken a bit of a bizarre twist in Germany, though. Google was required to give people the opportunity to have their homes blurred on StreetView before the service went live, and almost a quarter of a million Germans asked for that to happen. So far so good, but some of the people of Essen who have requested their home to be blurred have experienced vandalism, including having eggs thrown at their homes and signs pinned to the door saying “Google’s Cool”. How strange…

So what will happen next in the Google StreetView drama? Will opposition to the service grow? Will pro-Google vigilantes hunt down dissenters worldwide, forcing them to live in safe-houses for their own protection? And when will Google discover that Facebook is having an affair with MySpace? Tune in next time to find out ;)

Post image by FanIntoFlames – used under Creative Commons License.

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