Is Path the way forward for social media?

How many people do you follow on Twitter? I’m following 960 but, to be honest, I can’t keep track of that many conversations. I have a smaller group of people I keep a closer eye on, while I pick up on what I can from the rest.

Path is a different take on social networks, currently only available as an iPhone app, promoting itself as a more personal option for sharing “moments”. Rather than being able to add hundreds (or thousands) of friends Path has an upper limit of 50. It’s intended to be a place to share photos with close friends and family, trusting that because it is close friends and family you can post in confidence.

“Moments” are geotagged photos, with associated “people”, “places” and “things”. That gives a nice simple mechanic… take a photo, and tag it with who, where and what’s in it. I was a bit surprised to see there’s no way to add a caption or message so, while you can send photos to your friends, you can’t add any narration.

I like the simplicity of the system, and the idea that users are actively encouraged to share their photos only with their closest contacts. I did find it a bit limiting not being able to add any free text, but as a photo sharing app Path is slick and clever. The problem is, I want more from my social networking than just sharing photos.

How about you? Is photo sharing alone enough? Do you like the idea of sharing with a smaller group of people than on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Path is available from

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