Friday Fun: Ghost Hacker

There’s a plethora of Tower Defence flash games out there – some pure defence, and some with a story tacked on to increase the immersion. Ghost Hacker is a story-based one, with you playing an AI that appears to be a Tron-style digitised person.

You’re set to work against some “evil” AIs who, well, I won’t spoil the story but it doesn’t all go according to plan.

In the end the story is just a hook to hang the game on, and if you’re familiar with tower defence games you’ll know what to expect. Oncoming enemies, a goal to be defended, and a selection of upgradable “towers” with which to do so. The weird thing is that although most tower defence games are the same, I also find them quite addictive.

So, you know what to do by now… you’ll need Flash, and there’s sound but you don’t really need it.

–> Click to play <–

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