Friday Fun: Feed the King

Not “The King”… although a game involving feeding burgers to Elvis would be quite amusing. No, in this game you have to stack cakes up to make as tall a tower as possible. If you’ve played Tower Bloxx this part will be very familiar to you… the cake moves back and forth and you want to land it on the top of the pile. Try not to add rotten cakes though – they taste bad. Just drop them to the side of the pile.

So far so good, but to be honest I thought this was a poor Tower Bloxx clone. Once you’ve piled the cakes up, though, one of the King’s servants pulls a lever and ejects him from his throne. As you shoot up into the air you have to move left and right to eat the cakes you’ve just piled up. So it’s in your best interests to try and get them as straight as possible!

And that’s all there is to it. Simple, fun, and likely to amuse you for a while as you prepare for the weekend. My high score is 27,522 – why not tell us yours in the comments?

You’ll need Flash and, as seems to be the case more often than not, you can put the sound off without making the game unplayable.

–> Click to Play <–

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