Music Recommendation: Jonathan Coulton

November 18, 2010 Off By Chris Hinton

Post image by juco – used under creative commons license

If you’ve played the excellent Portal by Valve, you’ll have come across the song Still Alive. I think the attraction of the song was that it was so unexpected as a game ending, but it worked.

I was visiting friends in Yorkshire a few weeks ago and one of them mentioned that Jonathan Coulton, the composer of “Still Alive”, had also written a track for Left4Dead (zombies!). The jukeboxes in the game play a track called “Re: Your Brains”, where a zombie and his colleagues try to convince uninfected people to let them, well, eat their brains.

Jonathan has a great style that’s quirky (e.g. Ikea), geeky (Code Monkey) and just very, very catchy. If you’re after some music that will speak to the geek in you and maybe make you bob from side to side in an understated manner, I’d recommend you check out Jonathan Coulton.

There are a few options for hearing more:

Hope you enjoy what you hear 🙂

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