Yellow Out [Friday Fun]

Let’s revisit an old Friday Fun… partly because my mother in law has just bought the non-digital version of this game and is a bit addicted :)

Yellow Out is a remake of the classic Traffic Jam game: you have to get the yellow car through the gap by moving other vehicles out of its way.

It starts out simple and gets tougher, so have fun!

Uses flash, and you can put the sound off if you need to play quietly without losing any gameplay experience (note that there’s an advert before the game loads… sorry!)

–> Click to play <–

While we’re thinking about Friday Fun, why not suggest a few games or funny videos by using the contact form? If your game gets used I’ll happily link to your twitter profile, facebook page, or blog.

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  1. Noooooooo! Trying to avoid playing this on my phone as I get so hooked on it and now its on your site too!! What are you trying to do to me!

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