Angry Birds gets a spooky makeover [iPhone/iPad]

Most games on my iPhone only live there for a short period of time – I either complete them or get bored of them. One that’s been on there for ages, though is Angry Birds… the ongoing battle between a flock of birds and the pigs who’ve stolen their eggs.

The premise is simple – the pigs are hiding behind various obstacles and you have to catapult birds towards them to dislodge them. There are several types of birds… some that boomerang around, some that split into three, some that explode, and so on. You just need to dislodge every pig on the level to proceed, and some are¬†devilishly¬†difficult.

Well Rovio, the publishers of Angry Birds, have released a new version with a spooky halloween theme… new backgrounds and music… but, most importantly, 45 new levels.

On the one hand, I know this is a seasonal way of extracting more money from people who like Angry Birds. On the other hand, it’s such a good game that I don’t have a problem paying a pittence (it’s 59p in the UK) to get more levels. If even 59p seems too much for you, check out Angry Birds Lite and then make your decision… I think you’ll want to play more once you get started.

I don’t know what this means for the franchise as a whole, but it would be nice to think we’ll see future themed versions as well – maybe a winter theme in time for Christmas?

Angry Birds Halloween is available on iPhone and iPad.

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