Beneath a Steel Sky on PC… for free!

October 6, 2010 Off By Chris Hinton

OK, this is about more than a classic point and click PC game, but I thought that might get your attention. Beneath a Steel Sky is similar in mechanics to games like Monkey Island, and the site I’m about to tell you about gives you it for free when you sign up.
Even better, though, Good Old Games gives you access to a vast library of older games at reduced prices. Many of them are $5.99 and the most expensive I’ve seen is $9.99. The low prices are fair enough, but what really excites me is seeing some games I have fond memories of still being available to download and play.
…hey, is that Battle Chess!?
If you do sign up, be aware that there seems to be a problem with their Adobe Air downloader at the moment, but I successfully downloaded the free games using my browser connection. Just click on the game’s cover in your account page and you’ll see the links to download whatever media is available for that title.
Head on over to Good Old Games to get your retro gaming fix… or to be made to feel old when you realise you remember almost all of the games on offer!