Haven premières 7th October on Syfy [UK]

Before we get going properly, can I just apologise for a bit of a glitch yesterday? I’m trying out Windows Live Writer and part of the setup involved creating a temporary post. Unfortunately I’d forgotten that would also trigger an e-mail and tweet about it… Sorry for the confusion.

Right, on to what I wanted to let you know about today. I got notification from SyFy UK that there’s a new series coming out on the 7th of October. The press release is below, but enjoy the trailer first!

It looks like an interesting ride and it definitely has a Stephen King feel to it. This looks like a fairly good bet for some decent telly. Let me leave you with the press release and, hopefully an appetite to catch Haven when it comes out.

HAVEN launches on Syfy on 7th October at 10pm

UK premiere series HAVEN, inspired by Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid, is set to launch in the UK in October – making its debut on Syfy and Syfy HD.

Deep in the heart of Maine, Haven is a place where the cursed have gathered for generations to lead normal lives. Only now those curses have started to come back. Enter FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose). Each week, her investigations will try to keep these supernatural forces at bay as she slowly unravels the many mysteries of Haven – including her own roots to this extraordinary place. Among the people who cross Audrey’s path along the way are local cop Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) and the mysterious and charming Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour).

Each suspense-filled episode focuses on Audrey’s investigation of a single afflicted individual. It’s a rollercoaster ride as Audrey and Nathan make new discoveries about the people in the town and come up with unexpected solutions.

The 13 x one-hour episodes kick off at 10pm on Thursday 7th October, airing weekly. Syfy is available on Sky 129 & HD 214, Virgin 135 & HD 165 and TalkTalk 22.

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