Halifax suggests your perfect holiday via Facebook [Paid Post]

This is a paid post – what does that mean?

Ah, summer. Apparently it’s here – although if the weather is any indication it seems to turn up for brief periods before heading off on its own holiday and leaving Mr Rain to feed the cat while it’s away.

Mario's holiday destinationIn celebration of summer, Halifax have released a Facebook application that will analyse your profile and Facebook usage to suggest a holiday destination. On top of that it will also suggest where you should stay at the destination, what you should do, and what you should eat… all based on what the app thinks it knows about you from your Facebook data.

When I tried the app it told me I wasn’t sharing a lot on Facebook (that’s true) so my recommended destination was a desert island. I have to admit, that does sound quite nice. To get the result from a more frequent Facebook user, I asked my wife to try it out… apparently she’ll be with me on the desert island. It does make me wonder how much information you need to be sharing to get a different result, or perhaps if there’s specific information (like interests and hobbies) that has an impact and we just aren’t sharing that.

OK, here’s some of the marketing information that might explain why Halifax created their app:

The Holiday Match Maker from Halifax. It’s one of those rare things, a Facebook application that is genuinely useful and entertaining at the same time. It’s also pretty clever. By analysing the content of your profile, it will ’calculate’ what your ideal holiday destination is, where you should stay, what you should do, what the weather’s like at the moment and how many plastic Eiffel Towers you can buy for a fiver. Now it doesn’t get much more useful than that. Oh, and it will also point you in the direction of Halifax Travel Money, something you might find handy when going on holiday.

Did you catch it? OK, yes, it’s fun and will help place Halifax in your mind when you think about holidays but it will also point you in the direction of Halifax Travel Money, where you can buy the currency you’ll need on your break (of course, I’ll be paying for everything with coconuts). So there’s a dual purpose here – to increase brand awareness though a fun application, and to drive business to Halifax’s foreign currency outfit. Sneaky? Not at all – that’s what advertising and promotions are all about, it’s just that you might actually find it fun this time.

The Halifax holiday matchmaker can be installed by clicking here (Facebook app link).

Disclosure: I will receive financial payment for posting this article. Please be aware that I will never accept offers of paid posts where I am required only to give a positive review – objectivity is important to me and you can be sure that what I write, even in paid posts, is what I really think.

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  1. Tried out this app -just to see what it said- recommended Mexico City!!

    Don't have interests & hobbies on Facebook but I guess it's calculated answer on user content (such as status, posts & apps) ; Most of which in my case comes from external sources such as blogs, twitter & alike.

    Can see how useful it would be for some, plus it provides some interesting stats & factlets :-)

  2. Mine recommended Mexico City as well!

  3. That's interesting, thanks for posting. Most of my RSS stuff goes onto Facebook as the Geek-Speak account instead of my own, and I hardly ever post anything to my wall… so I'm guessing a desert island is all it could come up with :)

    The big question, though, is… would Mexico City be a good destination for you?

  4. Thanks Scarlett – does Mexico City sound like somewhere you'd like to go?

  5. Not really sure; to be honest, I'm not much of a holiday person, would only really consider taking a working holiday anyway; so yes, if there were some kind of work I could do there! ;)

  6. strange – i got Mexico City as well!! Do you think they have a deal going for holidays out there? Shame – the desert island sounded nice!

  7. do know people who have been to Mexico City & loved it – but not convinced – might enjoy the food, not sure about much else :-)

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