Friday Fun: Still Alive [video]

I recently downloaded the Portal sounds app for my iPhone, and it’s kind of reignited my interest in Valve’s Portal game. If you haven’t played it, you need to get a copy now! And you might not want to play either of these videos.

If you have played it, or you’re not too worried about knowing about the end, carry on…

The two videos below are of the song that plays at the end of Portal. The first is an absolutely brilliant typography, and the second is the song rendered as if played on an 8-bit computer. I could listen to the (non 8-bit) song all day, and watch the typography over and over. So, for a bit of a different Friday Fun, hit play, put the sound on, and enjoy a bit of geeky music :)

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  1. You really cannot go wrong with a bit of Portal! I have the sound board for Android! It's great!

  2. My thoughts exactly :) Loved the game, and love the sound effects and music too.

    Have you seen the E3 footage of Portal 2?

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