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Mindomo - mindmapping made easy

I mentioned in Tuesday’s post about mindmapping that I had a new tool to share with you – and here it is. Whenever I’m at my computer, my chosen way of creating mindmaps is to useĀ Mindomo.

Mindomo is much like any of the other mindmapping tools you’ll find online, but it looks and feels very much like a desktop application. In fact, there is a desktop version, but I have never felt the need to try it out simply because the web version is so good. After all, why install a new application when you can use a website and access your work anywhere there’s an Internet connection?

One downside to using computers to create mindmaps is that it’s often difficult to navigate around them without using the mouse. That might not sound like much of a problem, but power users tend to prefer to work using keyboard shortcuts because it’s quicker than moving your hand to the mouse. I’m pleased to say that Mindomo lets you navigate round the map easily with the keyboard, create new sub-topics with the return key, and new sibling topics with the tab. If you just want to bash out a quick set of notes, that makes it really convenient to do so.

If you want to be a bit more clever, though, there are plenty of other options (that do require use of the mouse). You can add symbols to topics, for instance, or change the colour, size, and face of the font. You can add relationships between points in different trees, and put a border around a particular branch to highlight it. You can even share the map with a friend and collaborate on it together.

Mindomo Basic allows you to store 7 private maps and is ad supported. This is the package I’m on at the moment. Mindomo Premium allows you to store an unlimited amount of private maps and costs $6 per month (billed semi-annually or annually in advance).

Despite the limited number of maps you can store without paying, I’m very impressed with Mindomo. It’s well worth checking out.

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