Shift Run Stop – Richard and Judy for nerds

How many of you remember the Commodore 64? It’s the second computer I remember (the first was my dad’s Commodore VIC 20) and the computer I first cut my my programming and gaming teeth on. Loading programs on the C64 was a case of pressing shift and run/stop, then pressing play on the tape deck.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I get really nostalgic about tech from my childhood, so when I heard about the Shift Run Stop podcast I thought it sounded interesting straight away.

Shift Run Stop’s press blurb bills the podcast as: “It’s Richard & Judy. For nerds.” Hosted by geeky young internet personalities Roo Reynolds and Leila Johnston, Shift Run Stop is a lighthearted collaboration serving a generation of inquisitive minds. Roo and Leila have friends who make and think about interesting things.

I’ve only listened to a few episodes, but I’m liking what I hear! The style is that of a relaxed chat between friends, talking about things like strange snacks from overseas, reminiscing about old games consoles, events that Leila and/or Roo have been to, and even a chat with the bloke who does Radio 4’s shipping forecast and (separately) Maggie Philbin who used to present Tomorrow’s World.

The guys are responsible for me randomly laughing and giving a girl a fright as I walked to work this morning… there’s just something hilarious about listening to them trying compound chocolate treats and discovering they taste, er, interesting. Shift Run Stop feels like I’m sitting with a group of my university friends enjoying the banter as we geek out over whatever comes to mind.

Shift Run Stop is a great addition to my playlist, and will be to yours too. You can subscribe in iTunes (search for “Shift Run Stop”), follow them on Twitter, and visit the website. Go on, subscribe and enjoy it!

Post image by Roo Reynolds

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