Barclays releases money-spinning app

This is a paid post – what does that mean?

There’s an advert on UK TV at the moment where a woman spins pound coins on sticks (like plates) to illustrate how hard it can be to keep track of your finances. The point is that Barclays allows you to use mobile banking to keep track of your finances on the move.

Now, to help cement the message in our minds, Barclays has released Spinning Streak, which sees you trying to keep pound coins spinning at top speed without losing your balance. You spin the plates by flicking them, and balance the poles by highlighting them and tilting your iPhone/iPod Touch. Let them get too far off-centre and you’ve lost that coin.

The game is simple, and even serves up a bit of motivational help by telling you, “everything is possible when you believe in yourself and your abilities”. It’s one of those games that seems overly simplistic but has the potential to grab your attention as you try and outdo your high score. I think that’s what Barclays will really be hoping for… people becoming a little obsessed, telling their friends about it, and putting their brand in front of even more eyes. Viral marketing’s clever stuff, isn’t it?

I’m not sure Spinning Streak will go viral, though. It’s fun for a short while but it’s not so captivating that I feel an urgent need to tell my iPhone-owning friends about it. It’s certainly fun enough to occupy me, but I can’t say it’ll be on my iPhone for a long period of time.

Then again, viral marketing doesn’t need to be long-term – it just needs to put the brand in your mind so that, when you’re thinking about finances next, Barclays is one of the first companies you think about.

Spinning Streak is a simple, amusing game and, since it’s free, you have nothing to lose by trying it out. Why not let us know in the comments what you think? Does it have the potential to go viral?

Spinning Streak is available for free from the iTunes App Store.

Disclosure: I will receive financial payment for posting this article. Please be aware that I will never accept offers of paid posts where I am required only to give a positive review – objectivity is important to me and you can be sure that what I write, even in paid posts, is what I really think.

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