Doctor Who stage show coming soon

The Doctor Who crew seem to be going all out this year to extend the series. There’s the free adventure games that will be available from the BBC website, and now they have announced a live action stage show towards the end of the year.

The show will feature scenes specially recorded by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (who, sadly, won’t be appearing live) and will span time from wartime London to an epic final battle.

I know Doctor Who is billed as a children’s television show, but I have to say as a thirty-something year old I wouldn’t mind going to the stage show myself. After visiting The Gadget Show Live and enjoying the amazing technology on the stage there I think it will great to see how the Daleks, Cybermen and other classic monsters are brought to life in the Doctor Who show.

The tour dates are in the BBC article – if there’s one near you and you fancy going, check out the ticket office of your local venue… and have fun!

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  1. hmm – I go away Oct 16 but could be free on 14 or 15th for the SECC show if you fancy a trip!

  2. Cool – I'll check my diary and see about it!

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