Thesis 1.7 out now

I’ve previously written about how much I love the Thesis WordPress theme, and how it’s now my first choice of theme for any WordPress site I design. Well, version 1.7 was released last week and it’s even better than before.

What’s changed?

  • Easy 301 redirects – you can direct visitors to any post or page to any other location using built-in 301 redirection. Just enter the URL you want your visitors to end up on and away you go.
  • Built-in JavaScript libraries – if you need some JavaScript functionality you can now easily add a host of libraries from right in the composing screen.
  • Options Manager – export and import options from one site to another. This is an absolute godsend if you’re trying to set up a client’s site. Just set everything up on your test site and then import the options to the live one once you’re ready to go.
  • …and a load of other improvements that I haven’t personally used yet.

The upgrade to 1.7 is free for existing Thesis users. The process of upgrading is pretty simple, and the instructions on the DIY Themes site will walk you through it. I’m always a little nervous of upgrading my theme in case I’ve edited something I had forgotten about and will lose an important customisation. There were no such glitches this time, however, because I’d been sensible and confined my changes to the Custom folder… which I could just copy across to the new version.

Add to all those features above, and the easy upgrade Thesis’ flexibility, typography, and SEO options and I think this makes an already brilliant product even more of an essential buy.

Thesis is available to buy online from DIY Themes.

Links to DIY Themes in this post are affiliate links.
If you’re just starting out in blogging why not check out The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging?

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  1. This upgrade is truly excellent and I am still getting to grips with all the added bells and whistles. The added seo tools are great, well they would be but there is a known problem with the page options if you have lots of categories but they are working on this.

  2. Thanks Kevin. What's the issue with the page options?

  3. Apparently if you have a large number of categories on your blog the page options just choke and hang. Well, that;s what mine does.

  4. Ah, that's not so good. I don't have many categories, so haven't had that problem. I hope that gets fixed in an update soon.