Revomaze – you’ll tear your hair out!

I was very good when I went to The Gadget Show Live – I resisted the temptation to buy a lot of new toys, but I did pick up two Revomaze puzzles: one for me, and one for a friend.

The idea of the Revomaze is utterly fiendish – there’s a central bar that rotates within an outer case. On the bar, and completely concealed within the case, is a cut maze. So the basic idea is to move the bar up and down, left and right, to solve the maze without having seen it.

But there’s a twist – traps. If you hit a trap you hear a little click (that you’ll eventually start to dread) and the bar just sort of spins loose… the only option is to reset the maze and start again. That’s not too bad when you’re at the start of the puzzle, but if you’ve managed to get well into the maze and accidentally spring a trap it’s incredibly frustrating! The information sheet that comes with the Revomaze even says, “Please do not throw this puzzle”. I’ve been tempted.

If you enjoy puzzles, though, this is so enthralling. I’ve tried getting through the maze just on feel and memory but I think I’m in a dead end. Next step for me is to try drawing out a map as I go through and see if that helps.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s a prize at the end? Well, there’s a code on a little piece of paper at the middle of the maze that you can put into the Revomaze website for recognition and the chance to win some goodies.

There are two series’ of Revomazes – the metal ones start at £80 and the central bar comes right out when completed. There are plastic versions that cost £24 and the central bar doesn’t come out completely… so you won’t lose it. I went for the plastic Revomaze Obsession, partly because I’m cheap and partly because I didn’t want to drop £80 until I knew I actually liked these things.

Turns out I do – I’m addicted, and my friend keeps sending me messages saying he’s becoming obsessed. I love the idea of trying to complete a puzzle on feel alone and mapping out the maze in my head. If you want to try too, check out the store on

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