Fallout 3: New Vegas Trailer Out

Fallout 3 is one of my all-time favourite Xbox360 games. I’ve been playing it since November 2008 and I’m still sure there’s more to discover!

Bethesda are gearing up to release the latest Fallout game, set in Las Vegas. It appears Vegas survived the nuclear war and even still has electricity – so it could be quite a different experience from Fallout 3. For an introduction to the game, have a watch of the teaser trailer:

If New Vegas plays as well as Fallout 3 then this is definitely one to look out for!

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  1. returnvoid says:

    I agree FO3 is an awesome game, I still can't shake off the effect FO2 had on me though, my all time favourite game. I love the fact that its a top-down isometric game, seems to fit the whole post-apocalyptic back to basics feel better than glorious 3D.

    Or maybe i'm a nostalgic old fool.

    For this reason I didn't really get to grips with FO3, just didn't do it for me. Maybe i'll take a look at Vegas and see if the old magic returns.


  2. It's OK – nostalgia is a good thing!

    FO3 is the first Fallout game I played, so it'll probably always be the best in my mind :) I loved top-down isometric games though – did you ever play Syndicate?

  3. returnvoid says:

    Yeh, nostalgia is great, not as good as it used to be though… (<- shamelessly stolen)

    FO2 was my first Fallout experience so probably a big part of why it stuck in my mind so much, in the same way FFVII was the first RPG I ever played and was literally addicted too them for a bout 2 years!!

    By Syndicate do you mean Syndicate Wars? I really wanted to get hold of copy about 8 years ago but never got round to it, wish I had, it sounds awesome…

  4. Boom boom! :)

    There was Syndicate and Syndicate Wars – I *think* it was Syndicate I played. I only ever got to play it when I was round my friend's house 'cos his PC was more powerful than mine but it sticks in my memory as being brilliant!

    I really like your site, by the way – I'd like to do a write-up on it at some point if that's OK.

  5. returnvoid says:

    Digging up all these memories has really opened a can of worms, I am having severe impulses to find my old FO2 CD in my loft… must resist, things to do!

    I just read a write up and Syndicate Wars and I am gutted I didn't play it when I had the time, maybe when I retire; if I can find a box at that time that will still play such an obsolete format as a CD.

    Anyway, pleased you like the site, a write up would be great thank you :)

    It might be best to do one when I relaunch in a couple of weeks? I will also be having a few competitions that might be of interest to your readers, would tie in nicely? I will let you know when it is live if your interested?

  6. Sure thing – I'll drop you an e-mail so that you can let me know when would be a good time.

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