Braaaaaains! Zombie games for iPhone/iPod Touch

I have to admit I’m a sucker for zombie movies and games. I have no idea why… but I know I’m not alone! I’ve been enjoying a few zombie-themed games on my iPhone lately and wanted to tell you about them too. Just to let you know that they’re all paid apps except one, and if you choose to purchase via these links I’ll get a small commission.

Right, so what are the zombie games I’d most recommend?

Plants vs Zombies – They’re coming… quick, get into the house and lock the doors! How are we going to stop the zombies in their tracks? Plants vs Zombies gives you a range of exotic plants to put in the garden. Some shoot peas, some eat zombies alive (or undead), and some explode on contact. It’s a great action-strategy game, and insane enough to make it loads of fun. This post’s main image is a screenshot of Plants vs Zombies.
Get Plants vs Zombies on iTunes

Zombie FarmZombie Farm – If  you’ve played Farmville on Facebook you’ll have an idea of what to expect with this one. Tend a farm, growing plants, caring for trees, and getting money for your crops. So far so boring. But plant a few gravestones and, a while later, you’ll have zombies wandering around the farm. These can be used to invade your (computer-controlled) neighbour and steal gold or, if you’re lucky, brains!  It’s a fairly slow paced game, but a nice distraction if you want one. Zombie Farm is free, with in-game purchases if you want to boost your game a little.
Get Zombie Farm on iTunes

Zombie SmashZombie Smash -I really like this one. Waves of zombies are attacking your house – so you flick them up in the air with your fingers, hoping that when they land they’ll be killed. Powerups like guns, mines, wrecking balls, and meteor strikes help with the defence. Zombie Smash has 31 levels, a sandbox mode, and a random attack mode, which gives this game plenty of life.
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Zombieville USAZombieville USA – A side-scrolling shooter. You walk along the street carrying your choice of weapons and have to deal with the zombie hoardes coming after you. There’s a choice of different characters which alters how the game plays: more money per kill, more powerful melee hits, and so on. A nice touch is that you can duck into houses as you pass them and search for money or ammo… and dodge oncoming enemies.
Get Zombieville USA on iTunes

Call of Duty: World at War - ZombiesCall of Duty: World at War – Zombies – I absolutely loved this game mode on the Xbox360 version of CoD: World at War. My dad and I have co-operated many a time in defending a position against Nazi undead, and that has now come to the iPhone and iPod touch. This is a pretty expensive game (£5.99 in the UK) but it really is impressive. I found the controls a little difficult to get to grips with, but got the hang of it before long. Because this is in the first person, and you’re holed up waiting for the zombies to arrive, it’s a wonderfully tense game.
Get Call of Duty: World at War – Zombies on iTunes

I’m loving these games, and I trust you will too. Are there any other zombie-themed games you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Martin says:

    I've really enjoyed plants vs zombie and zombieville USA! However, I didn't tride the others yet! Seems like they are worth a look! ;)

  2. Sorry for not replying sooner Martin! They sure are worth a look – I'm still playing them after all this time, and I get bored very easily :)

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