One-day t-shirt designs at Tee Fury

My friend bought me a t-shirt the other day… a really cool design that was perfect for a geek like me. I had never seen one like it and, it turns out, am unlikely to see another one. Why? Because that particular t-shirt was available for one day only, and never will be again.

If you like your clothing exclusive yet fun then you need to check out Tee Fury. The idea is simple – there’s a new t-shirt design every day, and each design is available for 24 hours. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. There is a wide range of styles and subjects, which means some days you’ll log on and think, “I don’t like that” but other days you’ll think, “that’s brilliant!”.

The 24 hour sale window is a clever idea – it means there’s always fresh inventory but it also means you have to think fast if you do want a particular design. There’s no denying that there’s an element of getting people to buy on impulse because, if they don’t, they might regret it tomorrow.

It would be easy to be cynical, then, but with a bit of sense you’ll end up getting some great designs pretty cheaply. Just make a deal with yourself that you’ll only buy something if it jumps off the screen at you… and not if you just think it’s pretty cool. The t-shirts themselves feel like they’re of good quality and cost $9, with shipping to the UK also starting at $9. At today’s exchange rate that means you can have a quality tee for around £12.

Rather than keep visiting Tee Fury, I’ve added it to my feed reader and, since there’s something new every day, I’d recommend you do the same. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across that killer design tomorrow!

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