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There are many income streams open to bloggers – offering affiliate products, selling advertising and contextual adverts (e.g. Google or Chitika) being just a few. Another option is to accept paid articles on your site. These are, perhaps rather obviously, articles that you are paid to write.

The usual situation is that you will be approached by a company or individual who want some exposure to do a writeup about their product. It can take a while for companies to start finding you, though, especially if your blog is new. What if there were a place where you could get the word out that you are open to writing paid articles? allows you to register your blog and place it in severeral different categories like Autos, Computers, Politics or Travel. Whenever a company is looking for a review they will choose which types of blogs they want to be featured on and, if yours is in any of the categories they want, you will be offered the chance to accept the article. You will need to use the requested wording and link in order to get paid for your writing, around $5-$10 a time.

It’s a good start to earning an income from your site, but I do want to give you a word of warning. You’d be best only accepting article offers on subjects you would genuinely write about anyway. I tend to think that if I would write about a subject even if I weren’t being paid for it that’s a pretty good yardstick. The reasoning behind that is that your readers will start to get annoyed and disillusioned if you’re constantly writing reviews of stuff that isn’t of any interest to them.

My own experience is that I’ve had one offer that I was interested in, and earned $5 for writing a quick article about web hosting. I’ve had loads of offers for online casinos which don’t really interest me but, if that works for you there’s a killing to be made there. I keep checking back to see if there’s something new that grabs my attention, so you may well see a few more paid articles in future.

That’s they key, I think. Pick what really interests you and be sensible. If you do that, ReviewMe is a great opportunity to make a little extra cash.

What do you think? Would you accept paid articles on your site? Have you used ReviewMe? Do you have any tales of sites overdoing the paid review thing? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Back in the very early days, I did a couple of paid reviews for Review Me, and I remain on their books.

    I haven't done anything for something like 8 months, because the opportunities seem to have dried up. In fact I just checked now, and there aren't any at all, and last time I looked there was one very unrelated opportunity about bus tours in New York.

    I totally agree with your point about staying on topic, and it's important to disclose the fact that the post is paid for. But I think review me needs to work harder to get more offers out there.

  2. I've tweaked my categories a little because I found I was getting too many irrelevant offers. The problem is I tweaked them to the point where, for a while, I was getting NO offers! :)

    What would be handy (and it's something I've suggested to Review Me) is the option to formally reject an offer. So those casino ones, for instance – it would be good to be able to say, “That doesn't interest me even though it technically fits with the gaming category”.

    I don't think I'll ever get rich using Review Me, but it's a start.

  3. I did exactly the same, and with our two blogs I cover some diverse topics! I just don't think there are enough offers there, with enough diversity. But maybe if you're in the gambling niche there are!

    Totally agree on being able to reject an offer – that's a really good change they should make.

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