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The Formula 1 season restarted at the weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix. The race itself wasn’t particularly exciting compared to some I’ve seen, but I did discover a nice addition to the proceedings.

I wasn’t going to be able to see the start of the race as it began at twelve – our worship meeting at church usually finishes about quarter past. I wouldn’t get home until maybe one o-clock, and that was a big chunk of the race to miss.

Luckily,, the official F1 website, released a mobile app for the 2010 season that gives you live timing information on the move. And the best thing? It’s free! So after church this morning I could fire up my iPhone and see the state of play. I could see the running order, lap times, and even track data like surface and air temperature and which direction the wind was coming from.

At one point a group of us were watching the BBC’s website stream and I noticed that the app was right up to date. As soon as a car came into the pits my app updated. As soon as they were out, the same thing happened. I was really impressed with just how current the information on the app was.

The mobile app isn’t going to replace actually seeing a race, but I found it really useful for a time when I couldn’t see a television. I also know some people who have the timing screen on even when they are watching the race, so this isn’t just one for when the telly’s on the blink. As I said earlier, the best thing is that this is completely free (you need to register on the website), so if you’re into Formula 1 it’s well worth a look.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can get the app in iTunes. If you’re using a different mobile check out the mobile site and see if your model is supported.

If you used the app over the weekend why not tell us how you got on? Is it a good idea? Pointless? Tell us in the comments!

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